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Wedding Officiant Directory Venue Finder & DJ Caterer Listings Website Launched

The Wedding.Guide, a new directory connecting couples who want to put together a perfect wedding with the best venues and vendors in their area, is now open to the public.

Blog Summary: Discover the best wedding directory to list your venue, bridal shop or photography, limo, music and catering business if you want to start attracting new customers quick, cheap and stress-free.

The Wedding.Guide, a new website listing all the local officiants, venues, photographers, DJs and limo, dress or cake companies couples may require to put together a truly special, memorable ceremony, has been launched.

More information is available at

The Wedding.Guide is a brand new directory connecting brides, grooms and families who are planning a wedding with the most trusted, popular and coveted venues or vendors available in their area.

The website helps couples quickly find the planners, venues, photographers, officiants, DJs, stylists, florists, caterers and cake, dress, tuxedo or limo providers they need for a truly special ceremony and all the vendors in the industry the opportunity to connect with a lot more clients.

For the brides and the grooms, the website makes it easier to search for a specific venue or vendor in their area, compare their prices, reviews or albums, and then easily get in touch with their favorite one to start putting the perfect ceremony together.

It also offers a variety of guides, tips, good honeymoon travel agency recommendations and a database of bridal shows and wedding expos happening all around the country, to complement its directory and ensure every little detail is taken care of.

For the vendors, it provides a unique opportunity to quickly and easily list their business on a nationwide database, display their phone and address and have a backlink to their website, all completely free of charge.

It also allows them to share their social media profiles, photo albums, reviews and deals with a wider audience, showcase their work to a whole new pool of potential customers and start attracting new business, all on auto pilot.

To see the new website, find the best venues and vendors in any given area or sign up and list a business in the wedding industry to connect with more clients stress free, couples and companies can go to the website link provided above.

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